Pet Urns Wooden

Wooden Pet Urns


When considering a pet urn for your long-time friend, we want to help you find the respect and solace your pet deserves. Our wooden pet urns are offered in Two variations of wood. Our wood pet urns come with an option for laser engraving as well as an option to add a personalized picture of your pet. Your pet urn may have the name of your pet, dates, and a term of endearment engraved on it.

Dimensions for Cherry and Oak are:
Wooden urn sizes run from 0-3 with larger sizes available upon request.

  1. Size – 0    4.67  x  3.3  x  4.67  inches
  2. Size – 1    5.8  x  3.25  x  5.8  inches
  3. Size – 2    5.8  x  5.3  x  5.8  inches
  4. Size – 3    7.12  x  5.25  x  7.12  inches
Horse Urn
Pictured: Horse Urn

**All wood urns are made in the United States.

Pet urns from Petland are created by people just like you who know the depth of love one has for a pet. For pet urns engraved with a picture we ask that the picture be original and sent digitally or printed on photo paper and that the background is in contrast to your pet. This will ensure the best possible finished product. Laser engraving may be added to the cost of all wooden urns. Text only add $35.00 Photo and Text add $65.00. Please note- photo is not recommended on the dark stained oak.

We want to get this cherished memorial of your beloved friend done just right. Please consider using a photo that shows your pet exactly the way you want him or her to be engraved. (If one paw or an ear is cut off at the edge of the picture, it will also be missing from the engraving.) Any pictures sent to us are returned in the same condition we receive them. We do not physically cut, crop, or keep the pictures.

We are here to compassionately answer any questions you may have. Call us at (360) 533-2931 or email us on our “Contact Us” page.

*Please note: Minimum $25 Shipping charges for all shipped orders*

**Laser order pictures and text should be sent to [email protected]**