Bronze Pet Urns

Bronze Pet Urns & More

Pet urns in Bronze as well as other specialty urns are also available through Petland.Specialty Products:
  • Cultured Marble Grecian
  • Brass Name Plates
  • Pendants
Each of our products is of high quality. We want you to feel proud of the choice you make for interring your pet.Please contact us for further information and pricing on our specialty products.Specialty Products:
  • Marble Ginger Jar
  • Marble Jewelry Box
  • Gold and Silver Pendants
Bronze Pet Urns

This is a small sampling of our Fillable Jewelry. All sterling silver jewelry is priced at $165.00 plus tax and gold is priced at $250.00 plus tax. Each includes a thick chain (not fabric). We have over a dozen styles to choose from.

Bronze Pet Urns
Spartan Small Under 35 lbs. – $140.00
Athenian Large Under 80 lbs. – $165.00
Rememberance Small Under 35 lbs. – $200.00
Rememberance Large Under 250 lbs. – $365.00
Bronze Pet Urns

If you are interested in purchasing a Bronze Pet Urn or other services we offer, send us your information through our contact form. Or call us today at (360) 533-2931.

(These Urns cannot be laser engraved.)

*Please note: Shipping charges $25 minimum for all Internet orders*

Pet urns in black marble are a wonderful option for memorializing your pet’s remains. The round and square boxes are perfect for a small pet or to memorialize portions of remains for a larger pet.The Ginger Jar pet urns are available in a small size only. The small pet urn engraves beautifully with personalized pictures or short poems. An alternative to holding remains, these pet urns fit small toys or a collar.
Pet Urn Round box: Three inches in diameter and two inches in height, interior space is seven cubic inches.Pet Urn Square box: 4.25″ by 4.25″ by two inches in height overall, interior space is twenty-one and a half cubic inches.Pet Urn Small Ginger Jar: Approximately six inches tall (with lid), four inches wide with an interior of 36 cubic inches.