Garden Memory Stones

Garden Memory Stone

Pet urns called Garden Memory Stones are a beautiful way to honor your pet. Pet urn Memory Stones are made of high quality manufactured stone. They are complimented by a four-inch by six-inch tile which is laser engraved with a picture of your precious pet. Text can also be added. The stone has a hollow center where the remains of a small pet or a portion of your larger pet can be placed.

Many families have also put a collar, favorite toy, or piece of their pet’s blanket inside the hollow center. Garden Memory Stones placed outside need to be sealed and protected from harsh weather. One value of a Memory Stone is that it can easily be moved when you move, so your friend will always be near you. The stones are available in Sand or Lava Gray. The price includes a photo and text laser engraving on memory stones.

*Please note: Minimum $25 Shipping charges for all shipped orders*

**Laser order pictures and text should be sent to [email protected]**

* Garden stones are NOW AVAILABLE!

Garden Memory Stones
Lava Gray$110.00

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