How To Choose The Perfect Pet Urn

Honoring our four-legged friends is at the top of our minds for many, and selecting the perfect pet urn to commemorate their life doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. When a beloved pet passes, the loss can feel insurmountable. Finding comfort through memorial professionals, one can choose from a range of options that best fit both their design sensibilities and provide an everlasting tribute to one’s dear companion. Make sure to create something fitting for those special memories.

What You Need to Know About Urns For Pets

The sorrow of losing a beloved pet can be overwhelming, but the burden of deciding what to do with their remains can only add to the heartache. Fortunately, there are expert memorial designers available to help guide bereaved owners through the process of selecting an urn that commemorates and honors their furry friend.Pet memorial urns come in all shapes and sizing options, varying from bronze designs and paw print engraved stones to classic wooden containers and more, allowing dog owners the unique opportunity to store their companion’s remains in a fitting tribute. Choosing a memorial that is tailored to a specific pet ensures one small comfort during such difficult times; their beloved pet can live on in spirit, safely held within an object that reflects all of their memories together.

How to Select the Right Size Urn

A fitting memorial for your beloved dog should be carefully considered, with size being the first factor to take into account. The size of your pet will likely determine the urn size you purchase, from a small urn for a toy poodle all the way up to an extra large urn for a Great Dane. As a helpful guideline, remember that 1 cubic inch is roughly equal to 1 pound of weight – for example, a 20-pound dog would require approximately 20 cubic inches of space in an urn or more.

Consider How You Want Your Pet to Be Remembered

When choosing an urn for your beloved pet, it is important to consider the various factors involved and how you want them to be remembered. What kind of material do you want the urn to be made out of? Will you prefer private or non-private cremation sessions? Perhaps even include a memorable or favorite photo of your pet engraved onto the vessel that captures their lasting memory. Don’t forget small but meaningful personalization options such as name plates and pendants. Through this intentional selection, you can create a lasting memorial that honors the life of your pet forever.

Choose the Material You Want

When it comes to memorializing the life of your beloved pet, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. With a wide array of materials to choose from these days, pet urns can reflect an owner’s unique style and feelings towards their beloved pet, from urns for dogs to cats. From traditional clay models to beautiful choices or even bronze options, you’re sure to find something that speaks to your heart. You can also add a personalized touch by engraving your urn with a special message or symbol. No matter what material you pick, you will keep your pet’s memory alive in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Wooden Pet Urns

Pet UrnsWooden pet urns offer pet owners a simple, elegant way to commemorate the life of their beloved pets. Not only do these urns provide a touching tribute that captures the spirit of nature, but they are often more reasonably priced than their metal counterparts. In addition, a pet memorial wood urn can be engraved with an image or text, such as a poem or quote. The strength and durability of wood cremation urns allow them to hold up beautifully for years to come as a fitting memorial for pets. With an array of designs from which to choose, wooden pet urns offer an ideal way for people who have lost their beloved friends to remember them in a timeless fashion.Common wooden urn types include the following:
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple

Bronze Pet Urns

Pet MemorialBronze pet urns are a beautiful and timeless way to remember your beloved companion. Crafted from durable bronze material, these keepsakes provide lasting remembrance in the form of pendants. Stylish brass name plates add an extra special tribute to those with a pickier sense of style. Marbled grecian styles offer another option for those seeking a unique look.

How Much Do Pet Urns Cost at Petland Cemetery?

With Petland Cemetery, you can find quality pet urns at a wide range of prices, so there is something to suit all needs and budgets. Our durable wood urns start at $45 and go up to $205, depending on size, material type, and additional features like photo or text engravings. If you need an urn that’s more durable or has a certain look, then bronze models ($140-$365) could be perfect for your needs. Don’t forget that shipping costs may apply when ordering your pet urn! At Petland Cemetery, we have something for everyone who wants to give their beloved pet a dignified final resting place.

Petland Cemetery Is Here For You Every Step of the Way

Established in 1973 by Dr. Glenn Hilliard and two others, Petland Cemetery has since served as a trusted pet urns and cremation services provider in Washington and Oregon. Our primary focus is offering clients diverse choices when selecting the perfect pet urn. We provide custom-made wooden pet urns crafted from materials including quality cherry, dark-stained oak, bronze, and more upon request. Additionally, our pendants and nameplates are popular options to honor the memory of your beloved pet. Here at Petland Cemetery, we strive to make the process as hassle-free as possible for you by offering both private and non-private cremation services – for pets of all sizes – with convenient locations in both Washington and Oregon.Contact us today so we can honor the memory of your pet through our services.Pet services we offer:
  • Wooden Urns (Custom laser engraving options)
  • Bronze Urns (Pendents, Brass Name Plates, Cultured Marble Grecian)
  • Pet Cremation Services (Private and Non-Private Cremations)